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Harvesting coffee

Harvesting coffee

There is something with the smell of coffee. Funny thing is: I don’t drink it. I actually get sick of it. I have some kind of allergy; but I love the smell.

A few years ago I was working at the local broadcasting station in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The office was in an old, damp, building, which would smell terrible. The first thing I did every morning when I walked in, was making a pot of coffee. Not for me, I don’t drink it, but for guests and the other people. Sometimes I didn’t even know of people would come in. If I would be the only one that day working in the office, but I still made the coffee. Just for the nice smell of it, which would cover the damp, moldy smell that would normally ‘hang in there’.

This last two weeks it was time to harvest coffee her in Nicaragua, at La Mariposa. There are some coffee trees on the land of the school and there are lots and lots down at the nature reserve. Local workers, together with students of the Spanish school, have been harvesting coffee beans for days and days. In the coming days the beans will be sent to San Marcos, where the actual bean is split form the fruit. After that they return to the school to be roasted, grinded and boiled in to coffee for guest, students and employees.

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