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Tantra: a very hard, easy meditation

Focus. That’s something a lot of us lack in nowadays society. This hard, easy meditation can improve it. And if we meditate we become more productive, more creative, more relaxed and … more sensitive. And that’s what we want in tantra. To improve your sensitivity you can do this hard, easy meditation. If you’re not into tantra, it’s still an interesting meditation to do, because of all other benefits.

Maybe it sounds a little strange. How can you get more sensitive by just sitting in silence. The answer is easy: awareness. One of the things we do in tantra is train our senses. A tantra exercise for that is actually one of my favorite exercises. (Check out this blog to give it a go as well.) The problem with our senses is that sometimes we are not aware of what they are trying to tell us. I’ll give you an example. A friend of mine – not really a big children lover – went out for lunch with one of her friends. He picked the lunchroom. They were sitting outside in the sun on the terrace. He was perfectly happy, chatting away. She asked if they could go somewhere else. There was a little kid crying and yelling. He wanted to know why she wanted to move, so she asked him: ‘Don’t you get fed up by that yelling child?’ He looked surprised. He hadn’t noticed the yelling. Of course; his senses had noticed. He just didn’t’ became aware of it.

Forget the body

What does this have to do with tantra? Everything. Our mind is really good in being occupied by its own. It can totally forget the body. The first time you make love to your new lover you notice every little thing she/he does. When you make love for the 500th time your awareness can be way less. Your mind is occupied with the meeting you have the next day, the big game your football club has to play that weekend or the big to do list that is waiting for you next day.

When your mind is occupied like that, signals from the senses have a harder time to reach your awareness. When you’re doing tantra you want to be able to work with sexual energy, you want to be able to have full body orgasms. Multiple full body orgasms. To be able to have them you have to be aware of everything that is happening in your body. This meditation will help you train your awareness.

Hard, easy meditation

I call it the hard, easy meditation, because that’s what it is. Easy and hard at the same time. You actually have to do nothing, except to count your breaths. How easy is that? The only thing is: you have to be aware of your counting and don’t let your mind drift away.
Don’t worry. It’s totally normal that you have thoughts. We all have them. The trick is: not to do anything with them. So when a thought comes up, acknowledge it and focus again on your breath. Often a thought arises and we start to think about it. For example: you sit, meditate and count. Suddenly it pops up in your mind that you still have to send an email to your colleague. In your mind you already start writing it and start thinking about that report you have to add to it. Where did you save that file? And was it actually finished? Now you are thinking. Your mind has run off.

How to do the hard, easy meditation

  • Sit down in an easy, comfortable position. Try not to lay down. There is a big chance you will fall a sleep if you lay done
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Take a few deep inhalations and exhalations. The way you do with belly breathing
  • When you feel relaxed start counting. Every inhalation and exhalation is one count. So in total you want to inhale a hundred times and exhale a hundred times
  • Keep your focus on your breath. Every time you notice you got distracted, you start over by one again. I normally do this exercise and make people count to ten. A lot don’t even make the ten. So don’t worry if you have to start over again and again.

Try to do this for at least twenty minutes every day. Even better; twice a day. You will soon notice that the amount of thoughts you have become less. They won’t be all gone, but they will be less. You will also notice the effect on your work. You’ll be able to concentrate more. And you will notice the effect in bed. Instead of drifting away in your mind you will be able to stay more in the moment and feel your body and all bodily sensations more than ever.

Have fun, stay focused.

You’ll find more tantra exercises and philosophy on my tantra page.

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