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Happy from Kirtan Singing

Happy from mantra singing

What a night, what a night, what a night. I’ve been singing mantras all night. And you know: I always get happy when I’m singing mantra’s. Never thought I would be, but it’s the truth. This time I was singing mantras at my own yoga school; with twenty students and my good friend Erwin playing guitar. Who would have thought that. Especially at my school: in my home town.

I still remember the first time I sang mantras. It was at Yogafestival Terschelling: the first yoga festival I ever went to. After doing shit loads of workshops Anneke and I decided to take a brake and go kirtan singing by Anand Nigam. We had a little giggle about it when we went, but as soon as Anand started to play we were enchanted. The mantras and Anands music had something magical. The more mantras we sang, the happier we became and when he started Hari Krishna, Hari Rama we where almost shooting it out from joy. Afterwards we didn’t know what had ‘hit’ us. All we did know was that our mums probably would think we ended up in some kind of sect if we would tell them how happy we got from singing mantras at the festival. 

Now me singing mantras is one thing, but I can’t sing and I know for sure that not only my mum thinks I’m totally crazy when I tell her that I get happy from mantra singing, so me leading a mantra singing session or me teaching mantras at meditation class is a whole other thing. Over the last couple of years I sneaked in a mantra or two at meditation class. Normally when I would have new students trying out meditation they wouldn’t return. I think that’s a sign mantra singing is a little out of their comfort zone or may be it was just my singing. Most of my students weren’t to comfortable with singing mantras as well, but lately it changed. For the last couple of months we’ve been singing mantras every week and not only where my students delighted, also newbies would even return after their cold turkey mantra singing. So it was time for the real thing: Erwin Coenen.

Erwin is a mindfulness teacher, acro yogi, writer, amateur guitar player and friend. He’s been singing mantras for a while and did some performances here and there.Yesterday I had him over at the Blue Pearl – my yoga school. I announced his appearance before the power yoga class to get some extra students to stay, but I was still amazed so many did. (Or was it my oatmeal chocolate chunks I promised them when they would stay for meditation class). And not only did a lot of them stayed, they all enjoyed themselves. Singing out loud with all the regular students of my meditation class. And me? He, it worked again. I just got happy from mantra singing.


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