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Sara Bigatti performing Happy Baby Pose

Happy Baby pose – Ananda Balasana

Happy Baby pose – Ananda Balasana is probably one of the favorite poses of almost everybody. Just the idea that you are allowed to lay on your back for a bit, during an intensive vinyasa flow class already makes the pose a nice one. Next to that between all the big openers in a yoga class, happy baby is often a nice and gentle stretch.

So gentle that a lot of people don’t have the idea it does anything. But as soon as you bring your lower legs vertically you will feel the stretch on your adductors. For those who do Acro Yoga: happy baby is a nice one to incorporate often in your practice if you want to go from Front Bird into Low Bird and back again. Especially for ‘going back’ you need the hip-opener.

How to do Happy Baby pose – Ananda Balasana

  • Start laying on your back
  • Bring your knees into your chest and grab hold of the outside of your feet with your hands
  • Open your knees a bit wider than your chest and pull your knees towards your armpits with your hands. At the same time push your feet slightly in your hands
  • Make sure your ankles are in a straight line with your knees. Your lower legs should be perpendicular to the floor
  • Stay in this pose for half a minute or more

If your hips are not open and it is hard to hold on to your feet with your hands you can use a strap.

Benefits of How to do Happy Baby pose – Ananda Balasana

  • Stretches the inner groins (adductors)
  • Stretches the spine
  • Calms the brain

Contraindications Happy Baby pose – Ananda Balasana

  • Neck injury
  • Spine injury

Enjoy, be safe!



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