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Half way my Yoga Challenge

Half way my 40 day Yoga Challenge

YogaConcert Amersfoort

YogaConcert Amersfoort

You have to treat yourself every now and than. My grandmother always use to say: ‘If you don’t do it yourself, who will do it?’ So I gave my self a little present to celebrate my twentieth day of my 40 day Yoga Challenge: a Yoga Concert.

I did my twentieth day of yoga in a row in the morning, teaching at YogaCentrum Tilburg. I demoed all poses, so for my that counts as doing a class. But I wanted more and I thought I deserved a little gift for making it half way. So Stacey and I went over to Amersfoort to the little Lutheran Church. Now I’ve been doing yoga in a lot of places. Some strange ones already, but I haven’t done yoga in a church yet. So this was a new experience.

The church is pretty small. And between the lectern and the first row of chairs there wasn’t much room. The nine of us who were there fitted in precisely, although Staceys bum was almost in the piano. The class Erik Wijnands was teaching was a nice and gentle one; flowing easily from one pose in to the next, guided by Adriaan Plantinga on piano which gave it a mystical vibe.

Adriaan is one of Erik’s students and after Erik told him about the Yoga Concerts I give in the theater in Tilburg the two of them decided they wanted to do something similar. Yoga and the church, yoga in the church; how beautiful is that. I can remember a court case from not so long ago in the United States where parents where suing a school, because it was teaching yoga to children and yoga was religion. The wrong religion. And now this little Lutheran Church opened up to yoga. That’s a gift on it’s own.

May be even the biggest gift. Treating myself on a YogaConcert was nice, but doing yoga is a treat already. Not doing yoga feels more as a punishment. I actually think this is the easiest challenge I have ever set myself on. So twenty more days to go in my 40 Day YogaChallenge, That will be twenty more little gifts for me.


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    Karin 8 October 2014 at 12:20 #

    Hi John, a little review note, a token of my appreciation. Not quite sure under which header to post it, so your latest one! 🙂

    I met John this summer in my search of a yoga teacher/school. I was immediately impressed by the amount of knowledge prevailed by John in our telephone conversation. Having lived abroad, I was familiar with Yoga from an early age. When I came to the Netherlands I missed the Yoga link, and I am so happy that I met John and his willingness to share. The close attention John gives you is healing as such; I find John to be very talented, and I am sure he will touch many on his travels. The trigger point therapy, impressive, instantly creating more movement in my shoulder enabling me to ease into yoga posture(s).

    I am grateful for having had the opportunity to have had you as my Yoga teacher this summer John, and I wish you all the best on your new endeavors. Will be following your blogs, and I’m more than happy to support you! Love your work! Great writing, another one of your talents! Looking forward to reading about your experiences and new acquired wisdom(s).