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Tutorial how to get from Front Bird into Low Bird in Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga: Front Bird into Low Bird (video)

Let’s try out getting from Front Bird into Low Bird. Last time we looked at how to get into Front Bird in Acro Yoga. Front Bird (see video) is a pose that looks pretty cool on its own, but it is also a move that plays a big role in many transitions. Getting into Low Bird is one of them.

Acro Yoga demands a lot of core strength. Especially abdominal strength. If you want to get serious in Acro Yoga it’s wise to do some core work a few times a week.  (Here is a yoga video you can do it with.) Headstand and headstand transitions are other things you want to do to improve quicker in Acro Yoga. Check out this video of April’s washing machine to see what I mean.

Strong core

For Low Bird you mainly need a strong core as a flyer. The base needs strong arms; although it’s more about finding the right alignment than arm strength. Open hips are handy as well. In this transition we’ll look at Front Bird into Low Bird and back into Folded Leaf. The more advanced option is going back to Front Bird. That one really requires open hips.

Getting from Front Bird into Low Bird

  • It’s easiest to watch the video first
  • Base and flyer: move into Front Bird (see this video if you don’t know how to do it) or read this post
  • Flyer: lift your chest, lift your legs. You want a tight core and your strongest Front Bird ever
  • Base: let go of the flyers hands if you are still holding on. Give the flyer as much toes as the flyer needs to find balance
  • Flyer: hold this plank pose; whatever happens
  • Base: Bend your knees and open your knees out to the side to lower the flyer down. Straighten your arms, have them above your shoulders and aim for the hip bones of the flyer
  • Base: now the hard part comes: you want your hands where your feet are. Place them on the inside of your feet and slide them underneath when you’re lowering your legs more
  • Base: strong arms. Feel the weight coming into your hands. Find your balance and take out your feet; flying the flyer on your arms. If you feel comfortable you can bring your legs to the floor
  • Flyer: still hold your plank pose
  • Base: bring your legs up again and place your feet on the hips of the flyer, just behind your hands
  • Flyer: open your legs to the side and press your feet lightly towards the floor
  • Base: hold your hands in place as long as possible and straighten your legs
  • Flyer: relax your core and fold forward. You want to hang double over the feet of the base in folded leaf
  • Base/flyer: from here you can move wherever you want to go or dismount the way you do from the basic Acro Yoga lift from Downward facing Dog (see video)

Have fun and be safe!

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