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Yogioke: karaoke form India to Italy

Eat, Pray and Love: from India to Italy (video)

Not expected to be here, but I’m in Italy at this moment. In Monza to be precise. I feel a little bit as the main character of Eat, Pray and Love. Only in my case I went from India to Italy instead of the other way around. I also didn’t came to Italy to eat, although I’m sure that is something I will do in the next couple of weeks. Big time.

I quoted John Lennon before: Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans. I had some options to teach at yoga retreats: 21st Sanctuary Retreats, Wees je Eigen Coach, but both retreats got cancelled for various reasons. Teaching at Sampoorna Yoga in India, on the 300 hours Teacher Training Course, I get a lot of invitations from yoga teachers to come and teach workshops at their yoga school or to work together in another way. This time I got an invitation from Sara Bigatti, owner of the online yoga platform La Scimmia Yoga and retreat organizer. She wanted somebody to teach on her yoga retreat in Toscana and she could use some help with shooting new yoga videos. Having some time on my side, I decided to jump into the plane and go from India to Italy. At this moment I’m in Monza. Next week I’ll be in Rome. Not a bad city to visit.

Karaoke in India

But lets go back to India one more time. I ended up teaching at five yoga Teacher Training Courses. Three 300 hours (highest level) and two 200 hours (starting level). It wasn’t planned as well. I was only suppose to be in India for 2 months, but I ended up staying for five. I had an amazing time. I always wanted to live close to the ocean and now the ocean was only 50 meters away. Waiting for me every afternoon and every early morning to take a bath.

Being there also gave me the opportunity to teach alongside very knowledgeable yogis as Rachel Berryman and Nadine Sharkey. And I met other very skillful people like Leyla Ramadan. She shot an amazing Yogioke of her yoga teacher training course. That’s a karaoke, where she made all her class mates and teachers sing. Including me. I’m staring as the crazy anatomy and yoga teacher. I think it’s a video you have to watch. Even when you don’t have any plans of going to Sampoorna, because it also gives you a nice view of Agonda, where Sampoorna is located.

Big projects and plans

And for Italy? I’ve got some big projects here to do and big plans as well. Not going to tell you too much about it. I’ll reveal a bit more in my newsletter (so if you haven’t signed up, do it now). Lets say: I know some of you want to do yoga with me again. Well: your chance is coming soon…..

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