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Flying Alessandra

Flying Alessandra

The best thing about Yoga Retreats? Lot’s of people to fly!

Up until this morning I was teaching yoga at the Yoga Retreat of Toronto (Canada) based yoga teacher Petra Tomuta in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in Costa Rica. We had some rainy days, so that meant time to do some flying. (Although we did some flying on the sunny days as well; you can’t never do enough of it).

This video, Flying Alessandra (click for video), is of … Alessandra. It was only the second time (the first time was two days before this video was shot) she did Acro Yoga and she is flying like she has never done anything else.

The 18th of February I’m in San Jose, Costa Ricas capital. You can fly there with me; just fill in my contact form. After that you can find me at La Mariposa in San Juan de la Conception, Nicaragua.

In April, May and June Mariposa is hosting three low-budget Yoga Retreats We’ll be doing a lot of Acro Yoga in between classes there as well. So if you want to get in to it, just sign up!

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