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Watsu in Agonda, Goa

Agonda (India); five things to do in

Agonda is one of the best kept secrets off India. A nice, little sleepy beach town. But there is more than just beach. So here are five things to do in Agonda (India).

Play in the waves

Goa is famous for its beaches, which meet the Arabian sea. The North of Goa has become a big tourist spot, with load, drunk and drugged tourists, making a mess of the beautiful beaches and nightlife. Agonda is an exception. No loud music and all beach bars close at 11 pm. Making this a perfect spot to chill on the beach and play in the waves.

Surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing: it’s all possible in Agonda, but you have to be lucky. Wind is rare and the surf can be gone for days and then suddenly pop up for only half an hour. Their nice, beginner waves to surf and really good waves to go body surfing.

If there are no waves at all, you can always ask one of the fishermen to take you for a little trip. Big chance you will see some dolphins.

Take a yoga class

Like the whole of Goa Agonda is slowly becoming a yoga paradise. Almost every beach resort has yoga classes going on and there are a few places where you can do yoga Teacher Training Courses or yoga retreats. My favorite yoga place is Sampoorna Yoga, simply because I work there 😉 So if you want to be a yoga teacher, Agonda is the place to be as well.

Have a watsu

Different places offer massages. If you like to go for something special, check out Fluid Symmetry, where you can have a Watsu experience with Daniel Aber. Watsu is shiatsu treatment in water. The watsu therapist will float you in a heated pool, massage and stretch you at the same time. It’s like a dance where you only have to relax and feel yourself be carried by the water.


Agonda is a beach town and that means a lot of fresh fish on the menu, next to mouth watering curries, fresh fruit smoothies and nice snacks as vegetable pakora. Agonda might be still a bit of a sleepy place, it is full of restaurants: on and off the beach. In the recent past most places where serving the same dishes, but slowly the owners start to understand that they have to distinguish themselves from the places around them; bringing in more variety and vegan options as well.

Visit the Agonda 5 star hotel that has never been build

If you want something else than beach a trip to the Five start hotel is a good option. This hotel is a big ruin. Years ago a business man from Mumbai wanted to put this massive hotel in Agonda. He started constructing it, but the local community didn’t want to have such a giant hotel in their place and objected against the construction. They got what they wanted and the building was stopped. What is left is the frame work, overgrown by plants.

In the winter the cows use it to hide from the Monsoon rains. The leopards know this as well and come in every now and then to have a feast on one of the cows. It makes the hotel a bit spooky with cow bones laying around here and there and soaring bats when you enter the darker areas of the hotel. But that’s all part of the fun and the views over the Arabian sea and hills are worth the little hike.

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