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Watching the sunrise in El Puertito de Guimar, Tenerife

El Puertito de Guimar, Tenerife (video); five things to do in

One day you’re in Rome, the other day you’re in El Puertito de Guimar on Tenerife. That’s life. One day it’s hard to pick five things out of a thousands to do, the other day it’s hard to find five things to do. Although…. here are your five things to do in El Puertito de Guimar.

Watch the sun rise out of the ocean (video)

I’ve seen a lot of sunsets. I’ve seen some sunrises as well, but I’ve never seen the sun rise out of the ocean. El Puertito de Guimar is the perfect spot if you haven’t experienced it as well (see video). And you don’t have to get up too early if you’re like me in April on Tenerife. All the magic happens from 7 a.m. If you’ve seen it, you’ll agree that it’s worth getting up for. The sky has the most amazing colors from dark orange to bright yellow.

Go for a hike in Malpais

Malpais is a nature reserve, just outside of El Puertito. The area is created by ‘recent’ volcanic activity and is full of endemic plants and animals. You can walk along the coastline form El Puertito to El Socorro, but you can also go inland and hike up the hill.

Eat fish

El Puertito the Guimar means the little harbor of Guimar. It’s founded by fishermen of Guimar who had to go every day to the coast to fish. It’s a tiny little, charming place now with a central square, a few restaurants, convenient stores, a supermarkets and a few apartments buildings. In and around the central square the main dish on the menu is fish. Catch of the day; straight from the ocean. So if you’re into eating fish: this is the place to do it.

Chill and relax

There is not a lot to do in El Puertito, so why do anything? Chill on the main square at the end of Calle Vasco de Gamma. You’ll find a big wooden bench with on one side the retired people and on he other side of the bench the youth of the little village. Or sit back on one of the few terraces and stare over the sea in the distance. During the day you can lay on the jetty, the beach or have a swim in the sea.

Farmers market

Shop for vegetables and fruits coming straight from the land. Every Sunday there is a farmers market in Guimar; a few minutes by car from El Puertito. The market opens at 8 am and closes at 1 pm. Next to fruit and vegetables you’ll find freshly baked bread, honey and home made wines.

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