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Five different bodies

Five different bodies

Are you not happy with your body? No worries: you have five different bodies. So you can always choose another one.

This may sound a little bit odd, but it’s the way the yogis see it. We have five different bodies or at least five different layers. You are probably familiar with your physical body. Next to this body you have your energy, your mental body, your intellectual body and your divine body. The sages (the old, wise yogis who lived thousands of years ago) called these five bodies kosas (sheets of being).

When you decide to go upon a spiritual quest, you stop looking outside yourself, you stop directing your organs of sense to the outside world and start using them to look and feel within. You start a journey within to find your inner core.

Five different bodies

  • Physical body – This is the one you probably know best. Your physical body consists of skin, bones, muscles and internal organs. This is your outermost layer: annamaya kosa. Within these anatomical body are the other four, more subtle bodies.
  • Energetic body – Your breath and emotions reside in your energy body; pranamaya kosa.
  • Mental body- Thoughts and obsessions are take place in your mental body; manomaya kosa. You can master them here.
  • Intellectual body – Your wisdom and intelligence are within your intellectual body; vijnamaya kosa.
  • Dive body – Your connection with the divine takes place in your divine body; anandamaya kosa.

The trick is to balance all these kosas. If these bodies are misaligned – maybe even work against each other – we feel out of balance. For example: when we have anorexia we are obsessed with food, with our body. We are constantly thinking we are too thick and should eat less food. Our mental body and energetic body are out of balance, causing our physical body to be out of balance as well.

If we can bring our five different bodies into alignment again, we feel balanced.

You can see the five different bodies as rings of an union. Each time you peel a layer away by bringing it into balance, there is another layer underneath. If you have brought all the layers into balance, if you have peeled them all away, you get to the core. To the divine.

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