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Email inbox as indicator of happiness

It’s probably not very ‘yogi’, but I think my email inbox is a good indicator of my happiness and mental health. Running a yoga school and a massage therapist practise for the last couple of years my inbox is overflowing regularly. It’s my own fault. I love organizing, I love co-creating and I’m always taking the time to give everybody a personal reply.
With 30, 40, sometimes fifty emails coming in everyday pretty often there are days with over 80 e-mails waiting for a reply; simply because the ‘day before’ I didn’t had time to answer (all of) them. Having so many emails waiting means a lot of stress and pretty often means no time for morning practice while I need my morning practices on a day like that harder than ever.
No e-mails is no good news as well. That simply means no new students, no new massage costumers, no new projects, no money. Meaning stress as well. So on an e-mail / mental health scale from one to a hundred about ten to fifteen emails is good. Over twenty is to many, less than three or over eights is stress.
I have no clue how you feel about this, but please: don’t sent me an email to tell….


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