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Dutch Smiling Yogi loves ReYoga

You might have seen it, you might have wondered why; me in ReYoga clothes. To be fair, I love ReYoga. I explain you why.

ReYoga is an Italian brand, making yoga props: mats, straps, blocks and some yoga clothing.  I know, I know, there are a lot of brands doing this. So what makes ReYoga so special. The answer is in the name. ReYoga. Re stands in this case for recycle. All the products ReYoga makes are either made from recyclable material or are recyclable.

In yoga, in the yamas and niyamas, there is a ‘do’ (a yama); ahimsa. Ahimas means non-violence. You have to see this in a wide perspective.  Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed”. I strongly believe this. It’s also inline with the aboriginals of Australia: You should never take more of this earth than you need. For me that also means: why destroying this earth if you don’t have to do it. That’s why I love recyclable material, recyclable products. And ReYoga is precisely making that.


Next to that: I have a weak spot for people who take a risk. I’m an entrepreneur myself. I know how hard it is to start something up, to keep it going and make it successful. Last year I was lucky to meet the owner of ReYoga: Davide when Sara Bigatti and I had to go to there for a little movie Sara is starring in. Davide is an amazing character, with a beautiful vision and drive. We became friends quickly. Same humor, same love for yoga.

I knew their products already. Sara introduced me to them. I loved them, before I met Davide and now I love them even more. That’s why I’m happy to wear some of their stuff in my videos, that’s why I recommend them and became an ambassador for them. It’s just good stuff. Not only to use, but also for the environment. So if you need a new mat, a new set of blocks, a new strap, give them a thought. I promise you: it’s worth it.


PS: If you want our gecko on your shirts, you can find them in our shop

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