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Green mud

Drinking green mud

If been drinking green mud this week; green loam. Not because I had no choice, because I wanted to. As part of a detox I’ve been doing. The whole detox consisted of eating ten days only fruit and vegetables, followed by two days of just drinking water and some herbal teas. Well, not just that. Drinking green mud as well.

The detox or cleansing – just as you want to name it – is one friends of mine do every year. Paul King, a Shorinji kempo sensei, learned this detox from his sensei. I’ve done yoga cleanses – shatkarmas – before, where I had to drink eight classes of really salt water to cleanse my intestines, eat mungbean soup for a whole week or had to stick a piece of plastic rope in my nose and trying to fish it out of my throat again. All very descent ones, but drinking green mud….

Well, it wasn’t mud to be precisely. It was green loam. I can’t say it makes the idea any better. I use to be a goalkeeper when I was young. We always trained in sandpits. It made falling a little bit less hard when you where diving from one post to the other for an hour long. I swallowed a lot of sand in those days, so a week of green mud had to be doable as well. And to be honest: it actually is. It has a surprising refreshing taste. A bit like menthol candy I use to eat when I didn’t made putting artificial coloring and tasting chemicals in my body.

Why drinking green mud

But why doing it? Why drinking green mud? Believe it or not, it’s good for your body in general and your intestines in particular. I’m a guy, I don’t have a lot of experience with facial masks. Maybe some of you girls have. If so, you might have had a green loam masks as well. Maybe you didn’t really fancy eating it, but it probably did a  lot of good for your skin. Because it is actually good stuff. For starters it kills bacteria. But it does more. It absorbs toxins and doesn’t only kill bacteria, it rebuilds your intestines as well, when you drink it, like I did. It can also help you get rid of worms, if you have any in your intestines; maybe even without knowing it. Further more it relieves congestion, stops diarrhea (Try it with this yoga routine.), cleans your blood, fixes anemia and has a positive influence on your endocrine system.

How to use green loam

In the detox I did, I was drinking a glass of green loam every evening before I went to bed. Mostly I prepared it one or two hours in advance. I drank the mud as well. Some people let it stand and only drink the water. Others, like me, stir it around and drink everything: so including the muck. You need about one coffee spoon of loam in a class of water. You want to take a lot of vitamin C as well, just to prevent congestion.

On my two days with just water, I was drinking green mud three times a day. I used a lot of magnesium to get my bowels going, so the green mud was compensating a little bit for it.  After those two days I want back on just a glass of green loam before bedtime. I did it a week and than stopped. You can do it longer, but you have to take a rest every now and than.

I did my cleanse, because I spent nine months in Nicaragua (video). I ate more friend food and more sugar (the put sugar in all their fruit juices; a big shame) than I normally would. I had another week in Spain (video) afterwards, where I couldn’t cook myself as well. So to ‘be clean again’ I did this detox. And I have to say: my intestines feel brand new.

Just to be sure: I'm not using any medicines. If you do so: check your doctor before you start doing this. It's healthy, but it has an influence on your intestines and a good influence on your blood which you have to keep in mind if you take any medicines for those things.

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