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Our job in Spain - the story of Sara Bigatti and us as digital nomads

We’re digital nomads; Sara’s story: La Scimmiga Yoga (video)

For the last 3 weeks I’ve been living and working on Tenerife. Tonight I’m off to the Netherlands. Home. For just one week, because next week I have a couple of workshops to teach in Italy and after that I have to be in Spain. After Spain Tenerife again; which is technically Spain as well. A lot of places, a lot of traveling; yet work goes on. Why? Because we’re digital nomads. We can work, wherever we are. As long as we have our laptop, camera and internet connection.

Online yoga courses

I’ve taught you how it all started for me: with yoga. After owning my own school I went traveling to teach workshops and retreats around the world. And I started teaching online. On my YouTube channel and by making and selling online yoga courses. With buying those, you guys keep me doing what I love and help me share my passion.

Sara’s story is a little different. Although we sell the same product. You’ll here her story in this episode of: We’r moving to Spain.



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