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De DansPunt Kick Off: So you think you can dance

God gave me a lot of talents, rhythm wasn’t one of them. Don’t worry, I dance. Just in my own way. You have the music that’s playing and you have me dancing: two completely separate things if you see me move. I don’t care, I love dancing. It would be nice to have rhythm, but it doesn’t hold me back having none.

And I’m the living proof you don’t need rhythm in the musical world. I’m teaching Yoga Concerts (a yoga class with live classical music), I have a few dancers coming by for massages and this weekend I will actually teach at a dance festival: at De DansPunt Kick Off in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. Okay, I won’t teach dance, but still…. There will be a full day of dance workshops and I’m giving two of them. I’ll be surrounded by amazing dance professionals, all teaching dance workshops and than there will be me – the guy without rhythm – teaching two partner yoga workshops, blended with AcroYoga. One of them is meant to be for the pro’s. How funny is that?

If you want to join me and see me – and my lovely assistant Elena – ‘move’, you’re welcome. There are still some places available at the workshops. Just register online with De Danspunt and I’ll see you there. May be we can even dance together. Well, sort off….


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