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Indian food; perfectly safe if the chef uses soap and washes his hands; among other things.

Dangerous Indian food and my favorite restaurants (video)

I love all kinds of food, but Indian food is in my top 3 of favorite foods. That is, safe Indian food, because out here in Goa, not all food is safe for us Westerners. Hygiene standards are, among some Indians, a little different from us Westerners. I don’t say lesser, because maybe in the West we are a bit to hygienic and because of that our resistance has become really low.


In 2012 during my second visit to India I got infected by a parasite. The way people get infected with this specific one, is if one person doesn’t wash his hands good enough after being to the toilet for ‘number two’. If he / she prepares food with their hands, they ‘transfer’ the parasite through the food to the person eating the food.

Serious health problems

In my case it got me in serious health problems. It got diagnosed a year and a half after my visit to India. Antibiotics killed the parasite, but up to today I am still not recovered from it fully.

Still: I believe eating in India is safe. Just keep a few things in mind. Don’t eat at places where there is nobody, don’t eat at places you don’t trust shortly after having food poisoning, don’t eat shrimps and stuff like that three, four days after Christmas and follow Rachel’s rule. What that is? Watch the vlog and you will know.


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