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Crowdfunding update: smiling faces, shiny shirts

Smiling faces, shiny shirts, long shorts. Only the boots are missing, but they will follow soon. After a successful crowdfunding campaign and the help of NIKE La Mariposa could hand out  the soccer jerseys and shorts to the kids of the Panama neighbourhood of San Juan de la Concepcion.

Panama is one of the poorest barrios of San Juan. It’s situated under the toxic fumes of the Masaysa volcano. Hardly any vegetables or fruits are growing there, which makes the struggle to survive very hard for the Panama-community. Being so poor the people there don’t have to option to move as well. Aside from a church there is nothing to do for the kids and after school the kids have to help their parents to get food on the table. Reason for La Mariposa to set up a Soccer League in Panama. Now the kids can play football on a Sunday morning. But to be able to play and to give the league a ‘real’ feeling, La Mariposa wanted to provide them with shirts, shorts and boots and want to put real goals on the field.

Thanks to your help we succeeded. The crowdfunding campaign was a big success and brought more than a thousand dollars in. NIKE helped out as well, by donating shirts, shorts and socks. So in name of La Mariposa and all the children who are now playing ‘real’ soccer: thank you, thank you, thank you!

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