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Crow, Side Crow from Headstand

Crow, Side Crow from Headstand

I’m an arm balance junkie. You probably know by now. In yoga forward bends, backward bending don’t really go easy, but arm balances… I especially like them if I can ‘flow’ from one arm balance into another. Lately I’ve been working on Crow, Side Crow from Headstand. If you want to try it, check out this little movie.

I like to start in downward dog and jump into Crow. Sometimes it goes smooth, other times it doesn’t. The trick is in the bandhas. Engage your bandhas; especially Mula bandha, before you jump. (If you don’t know what they are; I’ll write a blog about it soon; so stay tuned.). I like to bend my elbows, so I land more easily then with straight arms.

From Crow lower your head to the floor and bring your knees to your chest. Straighten your legs into tripod headstand. Bring your knees down again and make a deep twist, bringing your legs to the left and placing the outside of your right thigh on your left elbow. Find your balance and lift your head up from the floor for one breath.

Bring your head down again then bring your knees towards your chest and straighten your legs once more. Stay here for one or two breaths. Now do the other side. Keep your abdominal muscles strong and tight, so your movement is controlled. Stay again in side crow for one breath and bring your legs back up.

Now lower your legs down one more time, this time placing your left knee on your left elbow and your right knee on your right. Bring your weight a little back and find the balance point where you can lift up your head, so you are back in crow again. Stay in it for a couple of breaths and then either step back or jump back in plank or chaturanga dandasana. Flow through upward facing dog and downward facing dog. Rest in downward facing dog or come to a sitting position. 

Add Crow, Side Crow from Headstand anytime you like to your flow if you want to spice it up a bit. Have fun!

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