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Creating your own life

Creating your own life

Creating your own life
What’s your life like?
Do you like what you have created so far?

Perhaps the notion that you are the creator of your own life seems far away.
However, who you are today, your circumstances today, are the result of all your thoughts, all your feelings, and all your actions in the past. Who you are today is the residu of what you’ve done in the past. Seems reasonable, right?

So, what you are thinking, feeling and doing today, affects not only your present state, but also your thoughts, feelings and actions in your “future present states”.

Look for instance to my friend John (the owner of this website Dutch Smiling Yogi ). His passions, his actions and his choices led to a life where he now is travelling the world.

My next big change in my life starts in november 2015.
I start travelling around the world with my laptop. With my internet company, all I need is wifi. So I could work at home (which is great by the way) but I could also work abroad, with views of the sea, mountains, rivers (which feels even greater).

Perhaps you’re thinking: Well that’s easy for them.
But I have a family, a mortgage, work, responsibilities, I can’t….

Yes you can! 🙂

That doesn’t mean you have to travel around the world (unless you want to).
There is much more to create.
Perhaps you want more happy moments every week. So start doing what you love!
Perhaps you want to start your own company, or practice more yoga, or eat healthier food. What are you waiting for?
Perhaps you want “more time”. Start making time for yourself. Switch off that t.v., switch off that computer, switch off facebook, switch off your mobile phone. Wowww, so much more time!

If you’re still thinking “I can’t”, remember that it’s just a thought.
Thoughts are just part of that mental construction, your mind. If you use your mind often for telling yourself problematic stories, start practicing with not taking your mind too serious, and start creating different stories. Start using your mind for creating your own life.

This is it. This is your life. This is your chance to follow your dreams.

What are your dreams?


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