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I want to do yoga every morning. I love doing yoga every morning, but I don’t do it every morning. I’m not the most disciplined person in the world. I can do it for weeks, months in a row, but as soon as I miss a few days, my rhythm is gone. Do you skip too often as well? Maybe you should create your own yoga space. It will make your yoga life easier.

A few years ago I made the decision: nothing was going to take me away anymore from my yoga practice. It’s the main thing in my life and it takes care of my mental and physical healthy. Next to that: if I do yoga first thing in the morning (see video) I’m a more happy and relaxed person compared to the ‘me’ that has missed it’s morning session. So why don’t I do yoga every morning?

Bad excuses to be honest. I’m on the road most part of the year. I go from yoga school to yoga school, hostel to hostel, retreat to retreat, teacher training to teacher training and from couch to couch. The yoga schools, retreats and teacher trainings aren’t the problem. I normally get my dose of yoga anyway and mostly I manage to get up early in the morning to do my own practice before everybody else opens up their eyes.

Problems in hostels

The problems arise when I’m staying with friends or spending time in hostels. There simply isn’t always room to do yoga. I have to squeeze  myself in between coaches, sofas, tables or have the choice between sticky kitchen floors or noise streets. It doesn’t say I don’t do any yoga at those moments. I’m still living by the yamas and niyamas, still doing my meditation, some tantric practices and try to find some clean space to do my pranayama exercises. But I do get sloppy on the asanas.

I had that problem at home for a long time as well. And then I decided to create my own yoga space. I built a little corner out of old wooden shelfs. Put some pillows there and had a nice, seating area with a lot of space for my books. On the other side of the room I put one big box and that was it. The rest of my living room is empty. There is just one old, big oriental carpet on the floor. It’s the perfect place to roll out my yoga mat.

Best reminder

It’s the best reminder as well. Whenever I’m at home and I walk downstairs the first thing I see is this big, empty, but cozy space begging me to come and do yoga. And I can’t resist its call. Even if it’s only for ten minutes I want to roll out my mat, strike a pose and breath. It has made my asana practice so much more devoted. So if you feel your slacking: create your own yoga space as well. Get rid of some of your furniture. Most of our houses are to full anyway. Make a nice, holy space that’s calling you every morning or evening to step on your mat.

Hopefully this solution works for you as well. As for me; I still have to find a solution for hostels. If you have tips: they are welcome.

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yoga courses

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thai yoga massage tutorial

Thai Yoga Massage

A Thai yoga massage is a beautiful gift to give and to receive. With our Thai Yoga massage video tutorial you will be able to give this gift. This tutorial will guide you step-by-step through a relaxing massage. This tutorial consists of two video of half an hour: one massage for the front of the body, one for the back of the body.

Thai yoga massage is practiced with clothes on.

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