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Cola beach is one of the last, hidden paradises in Goa, India

Cola beach; the hidden treasure of Goa – India (video)

Cola beach is one of the lasts ‘hidden treasures’ of Goa, India. Where most Goan beaches are overrun with tourists, Cola beach is still tranquil. It’s secret: there is only one road to get there and you have to be able to find that road. Unless you come by boat from Agonda, the nearest beach in the area.

This little, hidden paradise is also the beach Sampoorna Yoga runs a boat trip to on every yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) they do. I’ve been with them for nine TTC’s and somehow I never managed to jump on board. This TTC it was time for a change, time to break that routine and hitch a ride to Cola Beach.


If I liked it? Check out the video! And if you like AcroYoga; check out the video as well. It’s full of it.


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