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Coconut water

Coconut water is the best sports drink

This is probably the most easy recipe on this blog. Actually it isn’t even a recipe. But I do recommend you to try it. If you live in the Netherlands, where I come from, it might be a bit expensive. If you live like me part of the year in India and Central America it is pretty cheap. See: coconut water is the best sports drink. I get one every day and it keeps my body healthy and keeps me doing all these crazy asanas.

Living in India, where I teach at Sampoorna yoga, and in Nicaragua, where I teach at Pure Yoga, I sweat my ass of regularly. To prevent my body getting dehydrated I get a coconut every day. For me coconut water is the best sports drink. I know there could be a bit more sodium in a coconut to be perfect, but even without that it comes close.

Coconut water is water

For starters coconut water is for the biggest part water. This may sound to easy, but water is still one of the best things to drink when dehydration is close. I spent some time a plant scientist in the last couple of weeks. She explained me that when you are on a deserted island and there is one tree you wish to have there, it’s a coconut tree. Simple because coconut water is for 95 percent water. 

95 percent means it is not calorie free, but with a bit more than 40 calories per serving (240 grams) you can’t get wrong and it’s way better than all sport drinks with sugar or sugar substitutes. Next to that it is rich in potassium, magnesium, copper and antioxidants.

Potassium makes your brain and nervous system function properly. Coconut water will give you more or less 12 percent of your daily needs of potassium. Enough magnesium keeps your energy levels up. Coconut water will give you 14 percent of your daily magnesium need. Copper makes your organs and metabolism work like a clock. With one serving of coconut water you will get 11% of your daily copper needs.

Antioxidants prevent damage

Then there are the ‘magical antioxidants’. Coconut water contains a lot of these. The antioxidants prevent damage to our bodies caused by free radicals. Free radicals are produced by your own metabolism. We have to neutralize them. The antioxidants do that job for you. 

So if you train hard, get a coconut a day. Fresh if you can, otherwise bug some packed stuff. Just make sure there is no sugar or other bad stuff added to it.


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