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My hometown Agonda, India

City map of my new hometown Agonda – India – video

Breda in the Netherlands, yes. Antwerp in Belgium, yes. Sydney Australia, yes. But my new hometown Agonda, India. No. I could have never imagined. Still, for a part of the year this is where I live. A part of the year, because I stay a digital nomad.

There are places you go and fall in love with. Agonda was love on first side, when I came here for the first time. Back in 2010, to do my yoga Teacher Training Course at Sampoorna yoga. Quiet, friendly people, not commercialized yet, an amazing beach and water with great temperature to swim in for hours and hours.


But there is a difference between falling in love with a place and wanting to live their. In those days my dream was still living in a big city. That shifted to living on the edge of a big city to what it is now: living in the neighborhood of a big city. At the same time I love the road. I love traveling. So the idea now is to find a base for a few months a year and then travel for a few months.

That base is partly here, in Agonda. Not expected, but years ago (2012) I got offered a job at Sampoorna. I had to say ‘no’ back then, because I had my own yoga school. When I sold my school, end of 2014, to my surprise the job offer still counted and I took it. And here I am, back in Agonda. Teaching and living here for 5 months a year.

It isn’t the same Agonda anymore. Tourism is slowly taking over. But still, it’s a nice, little place, with lots of cows and scooters on the streets. If you’ve never been there, or are curious where I live, check out this ‘city map’ of my hometown Agonda.


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2 Responses to City map of my new hometown Agonda – India – video

  1. Avatar
    Gemma 8 March 2017 at 11:16 #

    Hi John
    I hope wherever you are in the world at the moment you having fun. I love your website, full of really interesting helpful videos and very inspiring. I recognise you and think that we spoke at Sampoorna, but that was in Jan/Feb 2013. Were you at Sampoorna then? Otherwise did you ever go to London Contemporary Dance School?!
    Anyhow I saw you are running lots of delightful retreats at various equally delightful places around the world. I would love to book on to one and perhaps I will be able to at some point, although for the moment I am busy with Mama duties to my 10 month old baby girl Jasmin. I just thought I would touch base with you, say hello or hi as indeed I did and let you know that if you were ever interested in running a retreat in the UK I have a lovely space in Cornwall that you would be most welcome to teach at. It’s in a beautiful old barn that I have converted into a yoga studio on my family farm. On the edge of Bodmin Moor, great for exploring coast and moor. If you would like a peak you can visit

  2. Avatar
    John Kraijenbrink 20 April 2017 at 12:58 #

    Wow, I just had a look at your place and it looks amazing. At this moment our focus is finding a place in Spain to live, film and host retreats. However we will keep on traveling around the world to give retreats and workshops. It would be great to teach in Cornwall one day and meet up again. But for this moment our attention is focused on Spain and the full schedule we have up until summer 2018. But lets stay in contact!
    Namaste, John