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Chocolate cake1

Chocolate cake

This is the best of two worlds and my favorite chocolate cake.
One world is Pleiade – my favorite ‘book’ store – in Tilburg, where they serve an amazing RAW chocolate cake. The other world is the world of Tara Stiles. I once saw a YouTube video of her, where she made this great chocolate dessert: Warm Chocolate Goodness. I combined the two worlds into my own.

All you need for the first layer is:
-some nuts (I like walnuts)
-a handful of dates
Grind the nuts and the dates and knead them into a thick ball. Take a bowl, plate or whatever you want to make your cake in, spread on the inside with a backing sheet or aluminum foil and put the ball in. Press in into a layer of halve a centimeter, covering the hall bowl.

Second layer:
-a few table spoons of coconut oil
-banana (optional)
-dates (preferable not to dried ones)
-raw chocolate powder
-honey (optional)
Mixed it all together in a food processor, blender of with a stick blender up until it’s totally smooth and creamy.

Pour this mixture on top of your first layer and put the plate/bowl in the fridge for a few hours. Take it out nor more then 10 minutes before you serve it. Enjoy!


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