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One of my favorite deserts: Chocolate Avocado Banana mousse

Chocolate Avocado Banana mousse with mint

This Chocolate Avocado Banana mousse is one of my favorite treats; when I have guests, but also just for me.

As I told you before: I love bananas. They are an amazing source of energy. And not just that. I think they are a super food and they are among my favorites when I do intense training weeks. You’ll be surprised how much health benefits they have. And as you know: I’m a bit of a chocolate addict as well. Another of my favorites is avocado. I burn a lot of calories and discovered that I’m not eating enough of them to compensate for everything I burn, so I started adding avocado to my breakfast. They are little, healthy calorie bombs. The recipe I’m sharing with you today is awesome: simply because this Chocolate Avocado Banana mousse combines all three of my favorites.

I think I saw a version of this for the first time by Tara Stiles. I already added avocado to a lot of things, but I never tried it in a chocolate mousse. When I did, I fell in love with it and started to experiment. I’ve made a lot of variations, but I’m going to share the one I did today and took the photo of.

Ingredients Chocolate Avocado Banana mousse

  • 100 grams of dark (72 percent or more) chocolate
  • 1 centimeter of fresh ginger root
  • cinnamon
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 avocado
  • sea salt
  • pepper
  • few mint leaves

Preparation Chocolate Avocado Banana mousse

  • Melt the chocolate au bain-marie (in a bowl that stands in a pan with hot water)
  • Add some sea salt (I love this ever since I made my own chocolate), cinnamon and pepper
  • Peel the ginger and slice it thin. Add these slices as well and stir
  • When the chocolate is melted take the bowl out of the hot water and mash the avocado and banana through it
  • And now for the hardest part: let it cool off a bit and place it in the fridge for about two hours
  • After two hours you can divide the chocolate in little bowls, decorate them with a few mint leaves

Done. A guilt free, healthy Chocolate Avocado Banana mousse.


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