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Try this Chinese massage technique for more energy (see video)

Chinese massage for more energy (video)

Have you ever tried a Chinese massage? This one (see video) will give you energy. It’s a real simple one and you can do it always and everywhere. Simple because it’s one where the person you give a massage to keeps his / her clothes on and you don’t need a massage table or massage mat to do it on.

Wherever I go I’m always massaging. When I was working at Sampoorna Yoga in India earlier this year I was looking after injured yoga students. I didn’t want to do the ‘normal relaxing or muscle pain massages’. I prefer not to take away work from locals. But there was no physiotherapist or massage therapist in Agonda, so I looked after the people who got a serious injury. Mostly serious over training.

Hand or foot massages

I’ve studied massage therapy in the Netherlands, so for me it’s easy to look after people and I’m always happy when I can make myself useful. But even when there are no injured people around, I give massages. When I’m staying in hostels and have a nice chat in the evening I like to do a hand massage or foot massage. For me it feels nice to give one and I haven’t come across anybody who didn’t like to get one.

I can’t remember where I picked up this Chinese massage technique. I’m doing it as long as I can remember. It might have been when I was doing Tai Chi for a couple of months. That’s more than 20 years ago, so that sounds as a good reason why I can’t remember it anymore

How to do an energizing Chinese massage

  • Check out the video: that will make it easier. 
  • Receiver: sit down in child pose on your hands and your knees. Make a pillow of your arms and rest your head on your arms
  • Giver: sit down next to the receiver; on one side
  • Giver: make ‘cups’ of your hands the way you do when you hold your hand up for something that can roll out.  You don’t want to do this massage with a flat hand. There should be ‘air’ in your hand
  • Giver: now start tapping with our hand on the back of the receiver on one side of the spine. Work form pelvis to shoulder and back. Make sure you do the shoulder blade as well
  • Giver: walk to the other side of the receiver and do the same
  • Giver: now make loose fists of your hands. Don’t squeeze them. Keep them relaxed. With your loose fists tap on the outside of the buttocks of your receiver and then the backside. The gluteus maximus (buttocks) are the biggest muscle in your body. By massaging them, you relax them as well
  • Giver: finally make a ‘brush’ of your hands by spreading your fingers and bending them. Strike over the shoulders and back of the receiver all the way to the buttocks. To this once more, starting at the head and once more from shoulders to buttocks. So a total of three times

The idea of having this ‘bowl shaped hand’ is that you have air in your hand and your tapping this air into the receiver. In Eastern philosophy the air we breathe isn’t just oxygen. It’s life energy. Chi in Chinese, prana in Sanskrit. By giving a Chinese massage like this we are actually giving the receiver new life energy.

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