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Sadhana - uninterrupted practice

Sadhana – uninterrupted practice; keep on studying yourself (video)

Yoga and tantra both put a lot of emphasis on Sadhana;  practice. In the words of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra: Sadhana is a process of internal refinement, which allows men to move towards perfection. The key to sadhana is abhyasa; uninterrupted practice. If the practice gets interrupted for any reason it has to start from […]

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Buddha use to teach not to take anything personally

Do not take anything personally

Do not take anything personally. It’s one of the keys to a happy life, Buddha taught us ages ago. In a world filled with social media, reviews and testimonials Buddha’s lesson might be even more valuable than ages ago. I like to incorporate one of the many stories about Buddha in my classes. For me using a […]

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Urdhva Dhanurasana - upward bow. Yoga has it's own language: Sanskrit

Yoga Sanskrit for beginners

When you step into your first yoga class where the teacher is just using Sanskrit term you probably have no clue what he/she is talking about. Sanskrit is a whole different language then you are use to. So here is some Yoga Sanskrit for beginners. Helpful to understand your teacher, but especially helpful when you […]

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We are all one

We are all one

I love this photo. I had no clue it was shot when we were in savasana. It’s a nice, little memory of a really fun class. One of those classes you don’t really have to do anything as a teacher. The students bring in such an amazing energy, it just flows. Man, I love it […]

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Five different bodies

Five different bodies

Are you not happy with your body? No worries: you have five different bodies. So you can always choose another one. This may sound a little bit odd, but it’s the way the yogis see it. We have five different bodies or at least five different layers. You are probably familiar with your physical body. […]

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Ego is one of the five kleshas

Five yogic troubles – kleshas

Why aren’t we in peace? Why can’t we reach enlightement? All yogis talk about it, but why is it so hard? Because there are five yogic troubles/afflictions that keeps us from happiness, according to Patanjali (yoga sutra II.3), the great yogic sage who was the first to put all yogic knowledge on paper. In Sanskrit they […]

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Yoga mudra

Yoga mudras restore health

Ever looked at the hand off Buddha on a statue? The chance is pretty big that he has two fingers connecting. That hand position is called a mudra. According to the yogis yoga mudras restore health: physically and mentally. In Sanskrit mudra means closure, gesture, attitude or seal. So yoga mudras are psychic, emotional, devotional […]

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Gaurav teaching Yoga philosophy: yamas and niyamas

Yamas and Niyamas

Yamas en Niyams; it sounds like an Indian dish, but no it isn’t palak paneer, dal fry or thali. The bible has the ten commandments, yoga has the yamas and niyamas; the do’s and don’ts. The explanation behind it is simple: the only way we can reach enlightenment is when our soul is pure. Impure […]

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Sattvic mind - one of the three gunas

Three gunas

Nature consists of three primal qualities; the three gunas: Sattva, Rajas ans Tamas. These three gunas (Sanskrit for ‘what binds‘) are the main powers of Cosmic Intelligence. They determine our spiritual growth and are the powers of the soul which hold the karma and desires that lead us from birth to rebirth.Everything around us, is […]

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seven chakras

Yoga and the seven chakras

Yoga and the seven chakras. It almost sounds like a fairytale movie: Snow White and the seven dwarfs. I’ve been interested in chakras for a few years now and think they are fascinating. Often I work in my yoga classes with the chakras as well. Creating a class to balance one of them or all […]

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food as medicine

Food as medicine

I am not such a big fan of Western health care. For some reason in the West a lot of people don’t take care of their body and mind. If they get sick, they go to a doctor who has to solve their problem. Most doctors don’t look at the lifestyle of their patients. They […]

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Meditating for a full day. There are a lot of benefits of silence

Benefits of silence

I am having a silence day tomorrow. No talking, no social media, no internet (I’ll write tomorrows blog today). Just a bit of yin yoga, meditation, eating and reflecting. I am really looking forward to it. There are so many benefits of silence. For the last few years I really loved morning silence. Just getting […]

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Hydrotherapy before asana practice


Started my morning with a cold shower. Not my favorite, but being on the road in Central America I often don’t have a lot of choice. Although, today I did, put I started out on purpose with a cold shower. In yoga having a shower before doing asanas is recommended. In Kundalini yoga it ‘has […]

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Teaching Yoga at PaasCro in The Netherlands. But who was the first Yoga Teacher? Photo Erik de Roij

The first yoga teacher

Who was the first yoga teacher? Mythology gives us two options. According to the Bhagavad Gita, a  sacred Hindu text, lord Krishna was the first yoga teacher. According to another classic text, Hatha yoga pradipika, Lord Shiva was the first one to teach yoga. Krishna is recognized as an avatar (an incarnation or a deliberate descent of […]

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History of yoga

History of yoga

Yoga has always been around. There is no real beginning for the history of yoga. (In India) people have always wondered why they were on earth, where life was about. They always have been on spiritual a quest. Historical evidences of yoga were seen up to 4500 B.C and are found in the Vedas, the old sacred scriptures […]

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Acro Yoga: one of the different types of yoga

Different types of yoga

Hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, Anusara, Bikram, hot yoga, Iyengar, Kundalini yoga; there are so many different types of yoga that it’s sometimes hard to find out what what is. Most yoga types follow the Royal Path of yoga, only their focus on asanas is different. A little overview: Acro Yoga is […]

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Private: yoga courses

Ready to start with yoga? Do you want to get more flexible? Finally get rid of back pain and / or stress? Or do you think yoga is something for you? Whatever your reason is, we have the yoga courses for you.

Yoga courses for beginners

yoga courses

yoga courses

This Yoga beginners course guides you through the first steps on your yoga mat. The course consists of seven video classes and an introduction video. The classes are between 35 and 45 minutes. The course is designed to give you the best start to yoga you can imagine.

The course only costs 6,95 euros, because we want to help as many people as we can to start with yoga.

You’ll find this course in our webshop.

Thai Yoga massage tutorial

thai yoga massage tutorial

Thai Yoga Massage

A Thai yoga massage is a beautiful gift to give and to receive. With our Thai Yoga massage video tutorial you will be able to give this gift. This tutorial will guide you step-by-step through a relaxing massage. This tutorial consists of two video of half an hour: one massage for the front of the body, one for the back of the body.

Thai yoga massage is practiced with clothes on.

We love Thai yoga massage. To let as many people as we can experience it, we only ask 5 euros for this tutorial.

You’ll find this tutorial in our webshop.