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Matsyasana - fish pose is dedicated to the incarnation of Lord Visnu

Fish Pose – Matsyasana

Matsyasana – fish pose is one of the greatest healing postures for now-a-day problems. Strangely enough we are eating less and less food. Yes, I know: we (in the West) have tons of ‘food’ around us and we are all eating too much. But the funny thing is: Americans are one of the most obese […]

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Dhanurasana - Bow pose

Bow pose – Dhanurasana

We live in a forward bending society. Simple look at the way we sit behind our desk and how we sit when we are on our mobile phone or tablet. Bending backwards is something we don’t often do ‘by nature’. That’s the reason our spine becomes inflexible. Dhanurasana – Bow pose is a good pose to […]

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