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One of Nicaraguas many volcanos

Nicaragua is what I hoped for

Nicaragua. No idea what I’m doing here, but I had to be here for some reason. The nearby future will tell my why. I sometimes have this drive; this burning fire inside of me; telling me to go places, to study, to travel. Mostly when it starts I have no clue why it starts of […]

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Airline food

How to survive airline food?

No it’s not the airline, it’s me. I’m one of those strange people who want to eat healthy and who maintains a strict diet. A lot of people don’t understand why and I don’t bother trying to explain. I just don’t want to eat refined sugar, refines rice (white), artificial colors and all kind of […]

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Good bye cards

My own funeral

“At the end of your yoga practice the old you dies, when you enter Savasana. When you get up you’ll be reborn in to a better you, thanks to your yoga practice. That’s why you step on your yoga mat day in, day out.” I think I’ve used that line about fifty times, teaching my yoga […]

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Logoa Manduka

My Manduka yoga travel mat

The good thing about travelling is it doesn’t start when you board your first plane, train or when you’re getting in the car. It starts way before. Today is precisely two and a halve months before I will get a board of my Condor Flight to Nicaragua, but the fun has already started. This morning […]

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Point of no return

So I’m really going to do this! I’m past the point of no return. Well, more or less. I just booked my ticket to Nicaragua. I have to admit, my stomach feels a little strange. I think I’m a pretty relaxed guy. Nervous are normally not my thing, but this time it feels different. A […]

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For Sale

For sale

Marktplaats – the Dutch version of eBay – is my biggest friend at this moment. Not to buy anything, but to sell. Almost everything I’ve got. Detachment is one of the biggest virtues off a yogi. I’m practicing it at this moment and it’s going surprisingly well. At the end of March I was helping […]

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