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Sadhana - uninterrupted practice

Sadhana – uninterrupted practice; keep on studying yourself (video)

Yoga and tantra both put a lot of emphasis on Sadhana;  practice. In the words of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra: Sadhana is a process of internal refinement, which allows men to move towards perfection. The key to sadhana is abhyasa; uninterrupted practice. If the practice gets interrupted for any reason it has to start from […]

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A taste of Ayurveda

A taste of Ayurveda; classic Indian medicine (video)

I love Ayurveda; the classic Indian medicine. Why? Because Ayurveda tries to keep healthy people healthy and tries to root out the cause of illness instead of treating symptoms. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, said it ages ago. And yet nowadays Western doctors fill […]

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I’m totally broke due to Indian demonetisation

Totally broke due to Indian demonetisation – Life of a Traveling Yogi (video)

Thanks to the Indian demonetisation I’m totally broke. I have precisely zero rupees left. I can’t pay for food, I can’t pay for groceries. I even can’t pay for a lime soda. The idea behind the demonitisation is to get the black money out of the Indian economy. I’m all for that, but at this […]

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Touring around in Goa.

Digital nomads: Working hard in paradise

Ocean, beach, three yoga shalas to practice in, beautiful people around me, amazing food and every day sun and heat. I’ve been living in paradise in the last few months, but I’ve been working hard in paradise as well. I’ve been on the road now for fourteen months. Well, more or less. Legally I have […]

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in love with the ocean

In love with the ocean

Water is dripping out of my hair (well, the few hairs I have), salt is stinging in my nose and sand is crunching between my toes. I’m back out of the water again. It’s my daily, cleansing bath. I’m so in love with the ocean; it’s indescribable. It’s something I always wanted in my life: […]

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Kirtan Night: just two boys sharing their passion

Just two boys sharing their passion

Pfffff… back in my room. Still buzzing. What a night. Singing mantras all night. With happy, smiling, hugging people, who couldn’t get enough of it. Love, happiness and hugs. A hot, Indian night. Far away from home, but with one of my best friends, who I met long ago. Just two boys sharing their passion. […]

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Fire Ceremony at Sampoorna Yoga

Openings fire ceremony (video)

I love rituals. Well, non-commercial rituals. There is beauty in Christmas, but all this money spending and over-eating takes the beauty away from it for me. Here, in India where I’m teaching yoga at Sampoorna, I’m surrounded by rituals. Little pieces of thread wrapped around wrists, bindis to remember our spiritual journey and fire ceremonies. […]

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