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Zeppole; an Italian sweet delicacy; eaten with Eastern

Zeppole an Italian Easter delicacy

Zeppole is an Italian delicacy eaten in the period of Easter. Traditionally they were made on St. Joseph’s Day which falls on March 19th. Saint Joseph was the husband of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. Making Joseph the foster-father. Probably because Zeppole is so nice they are eaten up until Eastern. Around Christmas Zeppole […]

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blueberry pie

Blueberry pie

This is probably the recipe I’ve been asked for most, so here it is: my blueberry pie. Don’t worry, it’s the easiest pie I make and still: everybody is amazed when they eat it. The secret is AgarAgar. What? AgarAgar! If you have never heard of it; AgarAgar is a gelatinous substance; derived from a special […]

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stuffed apples

Baked stuffed apples

There is this nice, Dutch pie we Dutchies make. A very simple one with just pastry, some cinnamon, sugar and an apple. I like it, but I don’t eat sugar anymore and my stomach isn’t to happy with pastry, so I started looking for something similar but different. Well, this is it: baked stuffed apples. […]

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