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Fire-Ceremony with a burning coconut

Burning coconut

Six o’clock in the morning. Normally I would be in bed at this time of the day, but for some reasons yogis are getting up early. As soon as nature wakes up, the yogis wake up. Natures rhythm and the rhythm of the yogis are one. In the morning our body makes the hormone melatonin, […]

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In love with yoga: doing my TTC in India

In love with yoga

What it is with yoga, I have no clue. Somehow this way of exercise works for me. Maybe because it’s so much more than exercise. I can’t give an explanation for it, but after every training I feel more at ease, more open, more vulnerable and at the same time more balanced. By training my […]

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Me time in Goa: looking at the fishermen coming to shore

Me time

It’s 8.30 in the morning as I walk bare footed over the beach with the Indian ocean washing over my feet. Small crabs dive away in their holes when my shoe seize 12.5 comes down close to them. The sky is clouded, a sea breeze cools my head off a bit, whereas the Indian ocean […]

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The Scene: Alcohol and tears

Alcohol and tears

With a wodka-coke in my hand I look at the photo in front of me. The photo on my laptop. A black photo with a white line around it. You normally get them in a white envolop with a black border. No good. The men on the photo smiles at me. A mysterious smile. One […]

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Humming bird - Nicaragua

My ultimate nature photo

As a photographer you know you will just make a few ultimate shots in your career. The rest might be good, more than average, but there are only a few ultimate ones you will make. I think I just took my ultimate nature shot today. I’ve done my ultimate portrait a couple of years ago. […]

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