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Brain Booster Smoothie

Brain Booster Smoothie

Done for today. Well, not totally, but for the teaching part at Sampoorna Yoga. Tonight I will be a little bit behind my computer and I’ll be giving two massages. But for now: time to relax. Out here, in Agonda (India) that means getting a smoothie at Fatima’s Bar and Restaurant and a dive in the Indian Ocean. Today’s choice: Brain Booster.

It’s hot and humid in India at this moment. Even sitting still the sweat pours down my arms and my back. This morning in yoga class my hands were slipping all the time. It was a beautiful class, taught by Nadine Sharkey, with a lot of arm balances and headstand variations; precisely the two things I love. But staying in some of those poses was challenging, because I was so slippery.

It means I drink a lot of water and tea. Being so active I also like to get some extra food in. For me smoothies are the perfect combination of food and drink. Fatima’s is the place I usually go to get one. It’s in front of my house, hey have good food, I trust them for hygiene and I like their smoothies. Because I still have some work to do, I choose the Brain Booster today: good for memory and mental alertness, concentration and good for blood and skin, according to the menu card. If you need some brainpower as well, give it a try.

Ingredients Brain booster

  • Spinach
  • Apple
  • Carrot
  • Beetroot
  • Celery

Preparing Brain Booster

I don’t think there is anything to it to make a smoothie, but wash your spinach, chop everything in little pieces and throw it in the blender. I normally don’t bother about getting skins of pits of and out with stuff like this, because I used to have a Vitamix. It’s up to you if you want to do it.

I don’t like my smoothies extreme cold, but I do like them a bit chilled.

Enjoy your Brain Booster Smoothie.

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