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Celebate's pose

Celebate’s Pose – Brahmacharyasana

There are poses you directly fall in love with. This one I only discovered this week and it’s love on first sight. Although love may sound a bit strange, because the pose is called Brahmacharyasana – Celebate’s pose.

I really admire gymnasts. Especially the ones doing rings. They have such an amazing body control. When I was teaching at Pure yoga and fitness in Granada, Nicaragua there was a set of rings hanging in the dojo. Playing around with them my admiration for gymnasts even grew higher. The thing I really wanted to do, was this L-sit. Bringing my legs vertical to the floor, while stabilizing my body. I worked out every now and then, but it was a lot of power. After I left Nicaragua I had no more rings and no more options to play.

Up until this week. In one of the alignment classes I was assisting in Rachel – the head teacher of the 500 hours TTC – let the students do Brahmacharyasana – Celebate’s pose. No rings needed for this one. ‘Just’ lifting up in and L-shape and balancing the body weight on the hand. A simple arm balance and a hard one at the same time. How can’t that be love at first sight?

Brahmacharyasana – Celibate’s Pose is ‘designed’ to conserve sexual energy. As a benefit it strengthens abdominal muscles. Brahmacharya is Sanskrit for control over sexual energy. Yoga believes that the sexual energy is very potent and can be used to vitalize the physical and mental body and can be used to reach higher states of consciousness. Brahmacharyasana – Celibate’s Pose is one the poses that aid in this transmutation. Brahmacharya is that important in yoga that it’s part of the ethical code.

How to get in Brahmacharyasana – Celibate’s Pose

  • Sit on the floor with you legs stretched out
  • Place your hands next to your hips, with your palms touching the floor and your fingers pointing forward. Keep your hands and elbows straight
  • Engage your legs, abdomen and chest muscles
  • Raise yourself up with the aid of your hands. Your weight is borne entirely by the hands and shoulders
  • Remain in this position for as long as you comfortably can. Retain your breath in the final position
  • Slowly lower yourself down and exhale

Benefits of Brahmacharyasana – Celibate’s Pose

  • Helps to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles
  • This asana is excellent for those who wish to conserve sexual energy. Brahmacharyasana helps to sublimate the sexual energy to subtler forms of energy, which improves the physical and mental health of the body

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