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John Kraijenbrink explaining that skeletal system is different and that you can’t compare your body to that of somebody else.

Body yoga and meditation – Body, Mind, Spirit series (video)

There is no picture perfect in yoga. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. You can’t compare your body with that of someone else. You’re unique.

This is not some spiritual bladiebla. You have a skeletal and that skeletal is unique. It gives you an unique ability to move. An ability nobody else has. Yes of course, we can all bend and things like that. But the way your skeletal system is allowing you to move or restricting you to move is unique.

Different body proportions

Every four years there are the Olympic Games. Look at the athletes when they come in during the openings ceremony. Small people, tall people, thin people, big people. Different skeletons, different body proportions. How many tiny basketball players do you see? How many extreme tall gymnasts? Body seize determines what you can and can’t do. In sports and on your yoga mat.

And why would you compare yourself to another anyway? Michael Phelps was after the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 the most decorated Olympian in History with 23 Olympic titles and 28 medals. All on swimming. An amazing achievement. Yet: he didn’t win one medal in cycling, surfing, basketball, gymnastics, football or athletics. Why? He didn’t compete and if he did, the chances are minimal he would be the best in all 28 sports. Simply because his skeletal system and muscle composition are perfect for swimming.

Don’t compare

You have your skeletal system with it’s own challenges. When you’re on your yoga mat, make your world as small as that mat. Don’t compare, but challenge yourself.  To help you achieve this, Joelle from Kernel of Wisdom and I have made a nice series of yoga and meditation classes about the Body, Mind and Spirit. We’ll start with the body.



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