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Teaching partner yoga with Sara Bigatti at the Bhakti Yoga festival in June 2016

Join me at the Bhakti Yoga festival in Italy

Any plans for this summer? Like to be away for a few days and do some yoga? Come and join me on the Bhakti Yoga festival in Florence from the 2nd till the 5th of June. The Bhakti Yoga festival is a fundraising festival for charity to give children in Asia a better life.

You can play around will all different styles of yoga at the Bhakti Yoga festival: vinyasa flow, aerial yoga, kundalini yoga, partner yoga and AcroYoga. If you are an acro yogi just like me: there is a whole corner of the festival area especially dedicated to Acro Yoga. You will probably find me there a lot, but it’s not what I’m teaching this time around. I’ll be teaching the Partner Yoga workshop, together with Sara Bigatti.

Tai Chi and live music

There is a lot more to do than just yoga: Tai Chi, Qi Gong, all kinds of Ayurvedic treatments and -something I’m really looking forward to – ecstatic dance (free movement, without talking and dancing bare feet). As with every yoga festival there will be live music as well.

More than thirty yoga teachers will teach at the festival. Among them Claire Shakti (kundalini yoga), Jacopo Ceccarelli (AcroYoga) and Elena de Martin (Ashtanga).

Price Bhakti Yoga festival

The entrance to the festival area is free. Doing workshops costs money. Money that will go to charity. How much depends on how many workshops you will do or how many days you will join. You can choose to do just one, two or three workshops or days or you can come for the entire festival. For the whole festival the price is 130 euros (not including accommodation). All other price options you’ll find on the website of the Bhakti festival.

The money that is raised by selling tickets for the workshops and concerts will go to Food for Life Vrindavana (helping poor children in India) and Baan Unrak (helping poor children in Thailand and Burma).


Photo:  Silvio Gianesella / Spillo Photo

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