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Meditating for a full day. There are a lot of benefits of silence

Benefits of silence

I am having a silence day tomorrow. No talking, no social media, no internet (I’ll write tomorrows blog today). Just a bit of yin yoga, meditation, eating and reflecting. I am really looking forward to it. There are so many benefits of silence. For the last few years I really loved morning silence. Just getting up, doing yoga, getting some work done; as long as I didn’t had to speak. Now I’m going to have a full day of silence every month. Like to join me? Here are the benefits of silence.

Silence leads to inner peace

When was the last time you were silent? The last time you heard your own breath? The last time there were no voices of thoughts in your head? Being silent is something we have to train. We allowed ourselves to have all this ‘voices’ in our head, no we have to shut them up again. And the only thing we have to do for it, is just not listening to them; not getting occupied with all our thoughts. Just letting go of them and focussing on our breath. Letting go of all the insignificant issues that you can’t control and just allow yourself let be. If you can, inner peace will come. A deep sense of spaciousness will open up in your head and around your heart and you will be in ‘the moment’. Noticing every butterfly flying around, every cloud passing by, every fragrance in the air.

Silence promotes self-discovery

Being silent, you have the time to look within. You are not distracted anymore by the outside world, but you turn your senses and awareness inside. You will experience fear, happiness, anger, sorrow, resentment and desperation. Old emotions and memories from the past will come back, but all of these emotions will pass and some will dissolve. You will learn that you do not have to let your emotional pain own you; you can control it. You can take a step back, observe it from a neutral position, and breathe, knowing that it won’t stick around forever.

In silence you communicate on a different level

Words allow you to exchange information. For feelings they mostly won’t do. Ever tried to explain the feelings you have when you are in love? Silence is the communication of the souls. When you are together with somebody and both of you are completely at ease without speaking, you know you have a connection. Too many times we feel the need to fill in the silence with words.

Silence will make you high

I’ve smoked some marijuana in the past. I don’t have to do that anymore. Yoga and meditation are giving me a feeling that is much more beautiful than the best joint I have ever smoked. It’s an rushing, tingling, all-absorbing feeling of bliss; of happiness, of lightness. I know it just a stage of meditation, but I do enjoy it.

Silence makes you more creative

Tijn Touber, a Dutch journalist and yogi, did research on great discoveries and masterpieces, like the work of Mozart and the theory of relativity by Einstein. He discovered that all these inventions and masterpieces were not created while their makers were thinking hard about it. They all came to them when their creators did a step back and became silent. Creativity requires solitude, concentration and above all the silence of  a non-thinking mind.

Silence has a lot of health benefits

Doctor Paul Haider did research on the health benefits of silence. He found out that:

  • Noise and especially noise over 30 decibels is associated with high blood pressure, anxiety, and stress. Silence lowers blood pressure.
  • Silence boosts your immune system; making it easier for your body to fight off invading bacteria and other pathogens.
  • Silence reduces stress (lowers blood cortisol levels and adrenaline levels) which is the biggest killer in the world.
  • Silence allows for good hormone regulation and interaction of all the hormone related systems in your body.

I can’t wait till tomorrow; till I have my day of silence. Want to join me?

Sources: www.arinanikitina.com

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