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belly breathing

Belly breathing

Do you want to de-stress? Get better in Tantra? Feel fitter in general? Or heal old injuries that don’t seem to get any better? Start belly breathing.

Belly breathing is what it is: breathing from your belly. It sounds simple, but most of us don’t do it. Most of us breath real shallow; in our chest. Stress, the pace of modern life, all the input from mobile phones, iPads, desktops, television has brought us in a continu stress situation, without knowing it. We are so accustomed to living in the fast lane, we don’t notice it anymore. And this high speed living has affected our breathing. We are literally  short of breath. To compensate we go for the ‘quick’ breath: the breathing high in our lungs.

Breathing in this part of the lungs is our ’emergency’ breath. We do it when we need some air quickly. It’s part of our ‘fight or flight‘ system. When we have to run away from a tiger, we need oxygen for our muscles. Breathing in our upper lungs will provide this oxygen, so we can run. But the oxygen provided is only a limited amount of oxygen. If we keep on breathing in this part of our lungs, not using our full capacity, we just get enough oxygen in for the main functions of our body. Most of it will go to our brain, because our brain is a high consumer of oxygen. (It uses 20 percent of our total oxygen intake; if we breath from our belly).

It simple means there is not enough oxygen left to ‘repair’ old injuries, to rejuvenate our body, to make sure we feel fit and fresh or to play with tantric energy.

To undo this habit we have created, we have to learn to breath the right way again. To breath all the way from our belly. So how do we do belly breathing?

Belly breathing

  • Lay down on your bed or on the floor. If this is not possible sit up straight
  • Place both hands on your belly
  • Let go of any thoughts you might have in your mind, focus your attention on your belly and your breathing
  • Breath in deeply, make sure your belly is rising. If not, keep breathing in; even when you have to idea you can’t breath anymore. You can help yourself by expending your belly with your muscles. Sometimes we keep our belly unconsciously so tight we don’t even have room to breath through our belly
  • Breath out and feel your belly falling down again
  • Keep breathing in and out
  • Focus on your belly. Try not to have your chest rising as well. You only want to breath in and out in your belly

Repeat this exercise twice a day. You can do it in the morning, in the office, at night before you go to sleep. You want belly breathing to be your normal breath again, so your body gets enough oxygen to recover and feel fit.

Belly breathing also calms down your mind, making you feel less stressed. As I wrote before breathing in our upper lungs is part of our ‘fight of flight‘ system. By just using our upper lungs to breath we are actually telling our body we are in danger and have to prepare to run or fight. This way all oxygen will go to our muscles and our muscles will tighten, causing us to feel exhausted after a while.

If you are interested in tantra, do this exercise as well. Being able to breath from your belly will help you to bring your sexual energy up, which you need to experience a full body orgasm. I’ll be writing more about this and about exercises to be able to do this soon.

For now; just breath from your belly and enjoy the extra energy you will have and the relaxed state it will get your body into.

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    Thanks so much for this. I feel better already.