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Full Circle at the Dutch Banana Riding Championship

Banana Riding Championship

Always dreamed of lifting a big cup high in the air? Or having a cold medal around your neck because you are the champion? You have the chance now, because the 5th of September is the Open Dutch Banana Riding Championship and you can join!

The biggest chance to win a gold medal is to choose a sport that is (still) small. Simple because the smaller it is, the less competitors and the bigger your chance to win gold. Banana riding as a sport is still small. Actually the only championship I know of, is held in the Netherlands, where last year 27 teams fought for the gold.  The Uden Guerillas won.

This year will be the seventh edition of the Open Dutch Championship. It all started out as a joke, as a onetime event, but the response was so big it grew and grew and grew and became a serious competition.

The teams compete in five different disciplines: Upside down, Full Circle, Commando Run, Drop Zone, Slalom and Reverse Slalom. The team that scores most points over all disciplines wins.

Every team consists of eight up until ten participants. During the games eight people will be on the banana competing to set a fast time. If a team consists of ten people two have to stay a shore. It’s up to the team to decide when to bring in a substitute. Depending on the discipline the team can choose wisely.

Do you want to go for the gold? You can still register your team up until the 27th of August at the website of NK Banaanvaren. The games will be held in Appeltern, at camping het Groene Eiland.

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