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banana coconut chocolate smoothie

Banana Chocolate Coconut smoothie

One of my favorite smoothies is my own banana chocolate coconut smoothie. Being on the road so much, I can use an energy boost every now and then. Because I travel around with a blender, making a smoothie is an easy way to lift me up again.

Living in a lot of tropical countries it’s mostly easy to get bananas and coconuts. Finding raw chocolate or good chocolate powder is harder to do. Next time I probably bring some to make sure I have my own supply. The thing I do bring on longer trips, is protein powder. Having a – mainly – vegetarian diet I do like to get some extra protein in.

Health benefits bananas

I already blogged about the amazing benefits a coconut has. Maybe that is why they always offer one at the fire ceremony at Sampoorna Yoga. Bananas are pretty special too. If yo search the web, you will find all kinds of health benefits. Most of them proofed by research, some of them are more ‘learning experiences’.  They will give you energy over long period of time, without a negative effect on your blood sugar levels. You can eat them before a work-out. Besides energy they will prevent you from cramps. I always recommended my yoga students to eat a few before class.

You know how much I love probiotics (Kombucha and Kefir). Bananas have probiotics in them as well. Good for your intestines. At the same time they have a lot of fibers, adding in digestion when you struggle with constipation.

Ingredients Banana Chocolate Coconut smoothie

  • bananas
  • chocolate (raw or cacao powder)
  • coconut flesh
  • coconut water
  • (dates if you like it sweet)
  • protein powder

Preparation Banana Chocolate Coconut smoothie

  • It won’t get a lot simpler than this: remove the pits from the dates (if you are using them)
  • Pour the coconut water into the blender
  • Cut the coconut flesh in little pieces and add it
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth

I love this smoothie when it is almost a pudding, but if you prefer it more liquid, just add extra coconut water or regular water. You can use one of your favorite milks instead off coconut water as well.


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