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stuffed apples

Baked stuffed apples

There is this nice, Dutch pie we Dutchies make. A very simple one with just pastry, some cinnamon, sugar and an apple. I like it, but I don’t eat sugar anymore and my stomach isn’t to happy with pastry, so I started looking for something similar but different. Well, this is it: baked stuffed apples.

I found the recipe surfing on the web and adjusted it to my own taste. All you need is:
-an apple each
-some liquor
-more spices if you like

Preheat the oven at 200 degrees Celsius.
Leave the apple in one piece, just cut out the middle part. We have a special tool for it; a bore, but I have no clue how that translate into Dutch.
Cut the dates in small peaces and put in a bowl. Add the liquor (rum, just orange juice or something else) and the spices and mix well. Let the dates soak in the juice for ten minutes. Cut/slice the peel off the apple all around. Just a thin cut is okay. This is to prevent the peel from tearing in the oven. Fill the hole in the apple with the soaked dates and poor any liquor that is left into it.

Set the apple in the oven for about 15 minutes. Check with a fork if the apple is nice and soft. Every kind of apple has it’s own baking time.


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