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Yoga class for (low) back pain relief (video)

(Low) back pain is one of the main complaints now-a-days; together with shoulder and neck pain. Most of these pains are caused by bad posture. We spend too many hours behind a desk, on our laptops, tablets and mobile phones. We use them for work, for entertainment, against boredom, for our social contacts and even to do sports: as a timer, virtual opponent or scorekeeper. But by using them, we’re creating neck, shoulder and back pain. This class (see video) is designed to help you get rid or some pain.

Our bodies are just not designed to sit long periods and are especially not designed to look down on screens all day. I know: a lot of companies hire ergonomic specialists to make sure your keyboard, monitor, chair and desk are on the right height, but what you truly need is a person kicking your ass when you’re hanging in your chair again, because that is the biggest cause of (low) back pain. We’re not sitting on our chair, we’re hanging in it. And when we are at home we hang in the sofa.

Back pain doesn’t happen overnight

Low back pain doesn’t happen overnight, although it sometimes may feel like that. Especially when you stand up and the pain shoots in your back. But the pain doesn’t happen as abrupt as it looks like. Those pains are the results of weeks, months, sometimes even years of bad posture. We sometimes only notice it ‘when we make a wrong move’.

Short hamstrings are the most common cause of low back pain, as I explained in an earlier blog. We just don’t stretch them enough. Sitting behind a desk only makes them shorter, because the job of our hamstrings is to bend our knees. That means we stretch them when we straighten our legs. And how do you sit behind your desk normally?

Daily dose of yoga

But also our glutues medius (side buttocks), quadratus lumborum (a low back muscle) play a role in low back pain. All these muscles have to be stretched on a regular (read: daily) basis. Getting into the habit of doing a daily yoga practice might just save you from future problems, as it did with me. I can imagine you don’t have the time to spend hours doing yoga. This routine is only 20 minutes. If you take it as your daily dose you will see improvements probably pretty quickly. Probably, because from behind this computer I can’t see what’s wrong with your back. So the best advice: always check with a doctor and then start working on your back. A pill is not going to solve it. You have to start putting in the hours now, to have a painless life in the future.

Have fun.

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