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Back at Sampoorna. Filming a Mysore class

Back at Sampoorna Yoga

I just walked down from the top shala and felt like skipping. I am just happy. I had such a nice morning practice. I’m back at Sampoorna Yoga again, in India. This morning it was self practice for the new group of the 500 hours yoga Teaching Training Course (TTC). It’s an amazing group: devoted, strong, flexible. Practicing among them this morning felt like a blessing. And doing my self practice I was able to give my body this morning what it needed. Which was a strong flow.

At this moment I’m focusing on more power and body awareness. Whenever I’ve got good internet – I am in India – I do an online training with Dylan Werner. He does some nice crazy stuff. This morning I did my own flow with a lot of push-ups, planks and arm balances in it and at the end my favorite crow into headstand into side crow on both sides and back to headstand and crow.

The 300 hour TTC has just started. I’m pretty excited. It’s been a while ago I did my 300 hours. On paper I’m now an experienced Yoga teacher (E-RYT500) with the yoga alliance, but I think as a yogi I will be a student for the rest of my life. No matter if I’m teaching or studying I’m always learning. From teachers and from students. Now I’m back at Sampoorna yoga I am surrounded by amazing teachers again as well. The head teacher is Rachel Barrymen, who eats, sleeps and breaths yoga and can do all those postures that look totally undo-able. The fun thing is: she is teaching together with Nadine Sharkey, who was one of my co-students on my 300 hours TTC.  So it feels a little bit like a reunion as well.

As always I’m doing a bit of everything. Assisting in classes, teaching drop-in classes, teaching a few classes during the training, teaching and acro yoga workshop and of course some photography and making some videos. I shot an nice and easy one of the last Mysore practice of the 200 hours group who just finished. If you have anything with ashtanga of Mysore: take a look.


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