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Agua frescas; infused waters are great against thirst and have a lot of health benefits

Agua frescas and water infused with fruits

Lately I’ve been drinking a lot of infused water. Either in the form of Agua Frescas, or just simple water infused with fruits to add some flavor, I’ve found that these drinks quench thirst, and provide a variety of health benefits due to the nutrients of the fruits, vegetables and herbs added to them. Considering […]

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Save the honeybees to stay healthy yourself

Want to be healthy? Save the honeybees

Want to live a healthy life? Then save the honeybees! Okay, this may sound strange, but let me explain. These days, being healthy is often synonymous with the food we eat, our diet habits and what is right for our bodies to feel good and be happy. What is often overlooked is that we are part of […]

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