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aubergine tomato curry

aubergine tomato curry

This aubergine tomato curry was my favorite dish the last time I was in Agonda (India). For some reason all restaurants have the same menu. Green Valley was an exception. They were the only one who had this dish on the menu. For me a reason to go there every now and than. Back home I tried to make it, with the herbs I brought from India. I think I come pretty close.

You need (for about 4 people):
-4 big aubergines (egg plant)
-350g minced tomatoes
-cumin seeds
-fennel seeds
-mustard seeds
-1 chili
-chili powder
-sea salt

Slice the aubergines in slices of 1 centimeter thick and about 5 centimeter long. Put some oil on top and put them under the grill up until they are getting a little brown.
Put some oil (I like coconut) and the mustard seed in a stewing pan or casserole. As soon as they start to pop out, add the cumin seeds, fennel seeds, garlic and the chili powder. As soon as the garlic is a little brown you add the minced tomatoes and the grilled aubergines. Let it stew until the aubergines are almost dissolved in the minced tomatoes.

Enjoy your aubergine tomato curry.

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