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This apple ginger shot by Leyla Ramadan will awaken your senses

Apple ginger shot; awakening your senses

This apple ginger shot is a little shot with a big impact. I first discovered this beauty when I was introduced to Jason Vale; the ‘King’ of juicing. This shot gives you a great start to the day, being a natural antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory and it even helps with hay fever and morning sickness to name a few.

I absolutely love my morning coffee and my day is not the same if I don’t start with it, with only one exception… This absolutely delicious shot. It is a great replacement for those days I want to go caffeine free. It’s like a little shot of natural high to awaken all your senses. And awaken your senses it does!

Ingredients apple ginger shot

  • ½ apple
  • 2-3 centimeters raw ginger

How to make the apple ginger shot

  • Grab your juicer, put in your ginger then your apple
  • Turn on! Juice!


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