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Animal rescue

Animal rescue

One of the most amazing things of volunteering at La Mariposa Spanish School & Eco-hotel is the variety of projects Mariposa is running in the community of San Juan de la Concepcion, in Nicaragua. If you want to work with kids, there are lots of projects with kids. Are you more a gardener? There is the nature reserve and the vegetable garden. Do you love animals, like I do, there is the animal rescue project.

If you like preparing food, you can help out in the kitchen or at the bakery. Love working with disabled children? There is an option for you at Los Pipitos. More a teacher yourself? You can always teach English. Are you a medic? There is a clinic you can work and get some insight in the Nicaraguan way of dealing with health issues.

Am a big animal lover. I use to volunteer for the animal rescue center in my hometown Tilburg, in the Netherlands. I was a guest parent for little kittens that were dumped on the street. The first kittens I got weren’t even born yet. The rescue center found a half wild kat on the street at placed it under my care. It gave birth to four kittens.

Somehow the coordinator concluded I was good with wild animals, so every kitten I got after that was wild. Just hissing at me, biting in my fingers. But all 21 I got became pretty quickly sweet little things. I just kept picking them up, stroking them, feeding them. The most beautiful moment was always when they would purr for the very first time. Closely followed by the first time they would crawl on my lap by themselves. Which mostly meant they would use their nails to climb in my legs to make their way to my lap. But I never could care. Being so happy with our bonding.

The hardest part was to let them go again. As soon as I would think they were social the animal rescue center would find a permanent house for them. It meant the new ‘fathers and mothers’ would have to come over to my place to visit the kittens first; seeing if there was a click. If so, they could come and get them after visiting the rescue center, paying it for the kittens and getting all the gear ready.

For me it meant a lot of tears. I think I haven’t let any kitten go, without crying. But having this ‘brief’ interview with the new parents I knew all these kittens got a good, new home. And by letting them go, I was able to give more and more kittens a good start.

Being here at La Mariposa I spent some time with the dogs and a lot of time with the cats. Mostly in the evening they will come by for some attention. And just like at home I like to give them a good start and a great rest of their lives. I think they have everything at Mariposa where they can wish for. But bringing in some extra money helps Mariposa to take care of even more animals. That’s why I have set up this fundraiser and made this movie. Hopefully you like to help out as well, by donating some money.

On behalf of all the animals: thank you very much.


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