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AcroYoga in Granada

AcroYoga in Granada

Yes, I’ve been doing loads of AcroYoga lately and on top of it all, I did AcroYoga in Granada this week; on top of the roof of the Chocolate hotel; having an amazing view over the city.

Life has been good lately. I can’t say anything else. And sometimes life is so simple. I think I’m a pretty happy guy anyway, but if you really want to make me happy, give me chocolate or a good Acro Yoga-partner, so I can fly. Well base to be honoust. I love flying, but somehow I always end up as the base. No worries, I love basing as much as flying.

My life became really beautiful thanks to Ryland Bradley, a former gymnast out of the States and an amazing person. She set foot at La Mariposa, did a yoga class, did a bit of Acro Yoga and was hooked, just as I am. And the good thing is: she is (almost) more devoted as I am. So for the last couple of weeks – as soon as her voluntary work was finished – we were flying. Doing all the things I know but soon doing all things I didn’t know. She had never done AcroYoga before, but I think I’ve never met anybody who picked it up as fast as she did. So my repertoire became bigger and bigger, including all cool stuff, like the 4 step and finally, finally, finally Ninja Star. That one was on my wishlist for ages.

The last two days Ryland came over to Granada and we have been flying here. At this moment she is travelling Nicaragua. I’ll be leaving Granada soon as well. We both keeping an eye out for eachothers schedule; planning as much meeting-ups as possible, so we can fly, fly, fly….

If you read this before the 25th of April 2015 and you want to fly with me as well and want to fly at the Chocolate Hotel, come and join me the 25th at 8.30 o'clock. We will be doing a workshop then. You will find all details at:

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