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Rachel Berrymen and John Kraijenbrink performing Low Bird; an Acro Yoga move. They will teach a workshop in the weekend of 17 and 18 September at Tirana Yoga in Albania

Acro Yoga workshop Tirana Yoga – Albania in September

Join Rachel Berryman and me for an Acro Yoga workshop at Tirana Yoga in Albania in the weekend of September 17th and 18th 2016. We will give two Acro Yoga workshops, one Thai Yoga massage workshops and an Acro Yoga jam.

Introduction to Acro Yoga – Saturday September 17  11:30-13:30

Discover Acro Yoga: Fly as a bird and base as an acrobat. In this mornings workshop we will go all the basics. How to lift somebody safely into the air, how to fly and how to spot. Rachel and I will guide you step-by-step through basic and more advanced lifts and through flying as a bird on your belly and as a whale on your back.

You don’t need any Acro yoga or yoga experience for this workshop. Just a flexible mind.

Acro Yoga ‘The next step’ – Saturday September 17 15:30-17:30

If you’ve done some Acro Yoga before or you have joined in the first class: you’re ready for ‘the next step’. It’s time to go upside down and spin around with the prasarita twist and a shoulder stand. Here is where the real acrobatics kick in.

Acro Yoga is all about details and Rachel and I will tell you all the details you need to know to do some amazing flying and basing.

Cross over

Acro Yoga is a cross over of yoga, acrobatics and Thai Yoga massage. You’ll be working with one, two or three partners. Two will do ‘the Acro Yoga moves’, the third (and fourth) person will take care of the safety.

Thai Yoga massage workshop Sunday September 18 11:30-13:30

Thai Yoga massage is a mixture of Indian yoga and Chinese and Japanese acupressure.  In this workshop you will give your partner a massage for an hour and you will receive a massage from your partner in return. I will demonstrate and do the massage so you can follow along with your partner.

In Thai Yoga massage we don’t work with oil. We apply stretches and hand pressure on the person we’re giving the massage to. That means that the person who receives the massage is full clothed (in yoga clothes).

Acro yoga jam Sunday September 18 17:30-18:30

A play around with everything you have learned this weekend. You can fly, share your knowledge and deepen your practice. Rachel and I are there to help you with any questions you have and of course: to fly with you.



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